CAN Bus Communications Class

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A Trained Technician is an Efficient Technician! Understanding Vehhicle Networks is the Foundation for Many of Today’s Repairs and the Path to Fast, Efficient and Profitable Diagnostics.

Modern vehicles have 30 or more ECU’s talking over a network. Just one ECU not communicating over that network can cripple a vehicle. For today’s technicians to be able to effectively diagnose and repair modern vehicles they must have a good understanding of the various network protocols being used by the vehicle manufacturers and how to troubleshoot problems within that network.


Quick, effective diagnostics can be a real profit center that adds up to happy customers and additional profits.

CAN Bus 101

Gary Smith from Automaster Training will walk the technicians thru CAN Bus PHYSICAL theory of operation, common CAN configurations of 2002-2018 cars, and we look at the emerging technology coming soon and now on the street in the 2014-2020 cars.FlexRay, MOST and Automotive Ethernet communications are fully explored in this class as well.

We will discuss how to lab scope test the Bus line signals, and interpret what the signals are telling us in the diagnostic scenario. Volt/Ohmmeter tests are covered as well, voltage, resistance and isolation testing techniques are discussed.

NOTE:For those shops or techs planning to attend our 2-night Lab Scope classes in April, knowledge learned in this CAN class will be put to use reading live CAN circuits during the On-Car night (Night 2) of the Lab Scope class for practice

· Maximize Productivity · Maximize Customer Satisfaction · Maximize profits

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 – Dinner at 4:30 pm, Class 5:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: United Methodist Church Headquarters
11711 East Market Place Fulton, MD 20759 (Located behind Looney’s)
COST: $129 per student
Door Prizes: OBD II breakout box and more

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